Enactus Assembled!

Greetings to all Enactus members around the world ! ?

We welcome all of you to join us in an exclusive live session with Serba DigitalX on the topic “Creating Positive Impact on the Community in Times of Covid-19” .??

Mark your calendar on this Friday, 22/5/2020 at 9am (CDT | Central Daylight Time) , 

10:00 PM Malaysia and we’ll see you on our @EnactusUnimas and @SerbaDigitalX Facebook live ▶️

Thanks to @enactusuz01 for joining us. 

#WeAllCare #EnactusCares #SerbaDigitalX #FriendsofEnactusProject #EmpoweringDigitalCommunity #Enactus #EnactusUnimas #EnactusUniversityofZimbabwe

Poster Ngopi Live 7 (Enactus)

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.Program Coordinator @SerbaDigitalX.

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