Hey future talented designer!
Ready to show off your collection?

You are at the right place. We present to you Borneo Fashion Design Competition, where inspired designers to explore and diversify into the theme “Cultural Diversity”. Sketch, Sew and Design to your heart’s content, and lucky you, your masterpiece will feature on television. Don’t miss out on this chance by register now to compete at the link below:

As things go for the better, the winner will be granted as follow:
Winner :- RM2,000.00
1st Runner Up :- RM1,000.00
2nd Runner Up:- RM 500.00
Consolation X5:- RM 100.00

Isn’t this just exciting? For all the better news, we are also excited to inform you the timeline for this competition is also extended to 10 April 2021. So chop! chop! We are ready to see your name or your duo name on our registration list!
See you and good luck!!


Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation
StartUp Borneo


Old Kuching Smart Heritage


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